Our Process

We begin with a hello. Come talk to us so we can best figure out how to help.


Strategic Brief
Overview of the client and answers the fundamental questions of what is motivating them to undertake this project.
Kick-Off Meeting
Introducing the entire team - this meeting recaps the project goals.
Competitive Analysis
look at similar sites and give structured feedback on the design, content, functionality and effectiveness of those sites.
Establishing Content Types
A Drupal-specific task that we've identified as an important part of our planning phase.  This document serves as an ingredient list for for the wireframes that are the final product of the planning phase and a map to use when building the prototype site.
Finalizes the hierarchical organization of the website
the foundation used by by both design and build teams as they simultaneously develop the look and functionality for the site.
Creative Brief 

2Design / Build

Homepage Designs Concepts
present multiple designs concepts to the client, each of which is based on a different interpretation of the Wireframes and Creative Brief. 
Prototype Build
Content Input
adding actual content (as opposed to simplistic placeholder or Lorem Ipsum text).
Custom Code

3Testing and Launch

Quality Assurance
testing, testing, and more testing
Search Engine Optimization
We enable all of our SEO optimization
DNS Management
 TTL values are lowered before launch
Launch Plan