Creative Brief

Position MS as a premier design, development and drupal theming agency. The User Experience and execution should melt with excellence. The site is first and foremost a sales and recruitment tool. It will also serve as an information resource.

Search Engine Optimization
Tony Eason will be leading up the SEO and therefore dictating the URL structures and some aspects of the Information Architecture.

Deliverables to Tony:
Website addresses to the top 3 websites “they believe” are their search engine competitors and study the competitors “keyword” usage.
Mission statement, press release about the company, and/or old website http: address.
Define content areas and sections where we can further automate content updates.

  • Key Word Research & Competitive Intelligence - After receiving the ideas & purpose of the website. Begin keyword research & check SEO of highest ranking competitors websites and apply the newly gained knowledge to client’s website.
  • Create basic framework of the website - Build a Website that search engines can understand the theme / subject of the website. Using keyword research, create initial web pages with keywords as page names (Ex.
  • Site/page tagging: Add “keyword rich” meta tags to each website page.

Key Elements


Visual Design Ideas